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National Theatre 16-21: Youth Programme © Emma Hare 




A Unicorn Production in association with How It Ended

Based on the book by Emily Hughes


"You cannot tame something so happily wild." 

Wild’s home is the forest. Bears teach her how to eat, birds help her to speak, and foxes show her how to play. She is irrepressibly wild.

Then one day, some new animals arrive. They look oddly like her – and they want to take Wild away. But what if she was happy where she was?

Adapted from the glorious picture book by artist Emily Hughes, this energetic story, told with atmospheric sound, movement and puppetry, celebrates the free spirit in all of us.


Age guidance: 2-6 


Jasmine Chui, Joe Darke, Leonie Spilsbury, Samuel Tracy


Directed by Eva Sampson

Dramaturg Teresa Burns

Designed by Samuel Wyer

Design Associate Cristiano Casimiro

Lighting Design by Zoe Spurr

Original Composition by Marc Teitler & Roly Botha

Sound Design by Roly Botha

Puppet Maker Annie Brooks

Wig Consultant Catriona Lim

Injury Prevention Consultant Tome Levi

National Theatre 16-21: Youth Programme © Emma Hare 

National Theatre 16-21: Youth Programme © Emma Hare 

About Us


How It Ended is co-run by director Eva Sampson and writer Teresa Burns.
We make ambitious work with and for young people




little gardener

Based on the book by Emily Hughes


An outdoor interactive adventure for all little gardeners aged 2+

Performed inside a greenhouse containing a real life garden, How It Ended tell the story of the little gardener and the garden that meant everything to him. He worked hard, very hard but he was just to little to make a difference (or at least he felt he was). Will you help the little gardener bring his garden to life? This spellbinding show will melt your heart and get your hands dirty too!

Director                   Eva Sampson 

Designer                  James Lewis 

Puppet Designer    Andy Lawrence 

Music & Lyrics       Darren Clark 

Performers             Laura Caldow

                                 Matthew Forbes

"Kids dig this puppet show. It's a gorgeous and cheering sight!"

The Guardian

Kew Gardens

Sat 29 May - Sun 6 June 2021

The Little Gardener

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